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5 Reasons why 2021 is a great year to buy property

5 Reasons why 2021 is a great year to buy property

Negotiating Power- 

Prospective buyers can negotiate strongly because it is a buyer’s market.


Borrowing Conditions-

The flat interest rate and July rate cut has contributed to low borrowing costs and favourable mortgage lending conditions.


Flat Price-

Price growth has barley kept track with inflation and will likely remain flat for some time, this means that buyers can find a property at “last years price”. Property generally appreciates in value, which means you can always start small and renovate to suit your needs.


Income Potential-

Investing into property brings a lot of pro’s to the owner, you can rent out a room or the property which means the tenants help you pay off your bond. In the long run you will have a return on your investment.


Waiting Periods-

Sellers who have been holding onto their property may be ready to sell now. Some owners need a cash flow in their business and the rather sell one of the properties to make sure their is money in the business.


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